British Airways cancels 1,500 more flights spelling chaos for 100,000 passengers

British Airways cancels 1,500 more flights spelling chaos for 100,000 passengers

British Airways will cancel 1,500 more flights from major UK airports this summer.

The UK’s flag carrier will bump key services from Heathrow and Gatwick as staff shortages continue to cause serious issues at the airline.

Although BA will primarily cut back routes with multiple daily departures, more than 100,000 travellers planning to visit popular holiday destinations including Málaga, Palma and Faro will be affected.

Heathrow and Gatwick alone will have 1,000 BA flights cancelled over the coming weeks.

Because most of the flights will be cancelled two weeks or more before they were due to depart, spurned passengers will not be entitled to compensation, only a refund.

In the spring BA axed about 10% of its planned flights until October.

It has now taken the government up on an offer to bump more flights from its schedule in what has been called a “slot amnesty”.

It is not yet clear which flights exactly will be bumped.

A British Airways spokesperson said: “We took pre-emptive action earlier this year to reduce our summer schedule to provide customers with as much notice as possible about any changes to their travel plans.

“As the entire aviation industry continues to face into the most challenging period in its history, regrettably it has become necessary to make some further reductions. We’re in touch with customers to apologise and offer to rebook them or issue a full refund.”

The Telegraph has reported that there will be a 650 further cancellations in July, and then a similar number of cancellations in August.

Today’s news of further cancellations is the latest in a string of bad news involving the airline.

As well as the grounding and delaying of dozens of aircraft during the holiday months so far this year, dissatisfaction within the airline seems to be growing.

In June a British Airways pilot warned against flying at certain times this summer and predicted that issues at the airline will continue until the winter.

The pilot, whose anonymity the Mirror has agreed to protect, painted a bleak picture of life at Britain’s flag carrier.

Morale has never been lower, a huge number of senior staff are poised to leave and pilots are suffering from burnout, they claimed.

After what they saw as mismanagement during the pandemic and the ‘knee jerk’ shedding of huge numbers of staff, BA was struggling to get its services running to pre-Covid-19 levels.

At the end of that month staff based at Heathrow voted in favour of strikes this summer.

Ground and check-in staff at the London airport decided they would walk out in a dispute over pay, the GMB and Unite unions announced.

BA members working at Heathrow Airport were balloted by the GMB trade union, with 95 per cent of its workers voting in favour of strike action this summer.

The union said strike action was likely to be held during the peak holiday period, warning of a summer of strikes.

Workers, including check-in staff, are yet to decide on strike dates.

The company has been struggling to fill positions following the pandemic, when a 10% pay cut was inflicted on workers.

Lengthy security clearance processes for new starters, coupled with senior staff leaving in great numbers, have contributed towards the issues at the airline.

The airline made thousands of staff redundant and rehired the rest on inferior terms and conditions when coronavirus grounded all flights.